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Invest in IPOs from our featured member corporations and take ownership!

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Helping international scholars to make postgraduate academic and career plannings.

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Providing resources to collect data and advancing technology for the benefit of humanity.

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ISO is an international database of talents and information in all industries. We provide creative solutions to clients around the world.

The International Organization for Specialization has played an important role in driving our nation forward. Under great leaderships, the Organization is connecting thousands of international scholars, talents, entrepreneurs, investors, policy makers across the globe.

We use our strength in global resources to help your business succeed and make are living world a better place. Our members determine our policy focus through participation on committees focused on several key industry segments. We provide unmatched networking and professional development opportunities, deep discounts on critical business needs, and access to international policy makers and business leaders. Our goal: To make the world one wonderful place and bring the best resources to members.

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