Personalized Attention to Your Needs

Our concierge medicine program offers limited enrollment, ensuring that your Primary Care Physician (PCP) can dedicate more time to focusing on your overall wellness and preventive care. You and your doctor collaborate closely to address your specific needs promptly whenever any health issues arise.

Most importantly, you can cultivate a meaningful, lifelong relationship with your concierge physician and our top-tier care team, whether you reside nearby or travel the world.

As a member, you’ll enjoy a range of customized features and services, including:

  • Reduced wait times and extended appointment durations
  • Access to your physician 24/7 via phone, email, or video visits
  • Same-day or next-day appointments available at our La Jolla offices
  • Expedited lab results, typically available on the same day
  • A personalized wellness plan tailored to your unique health goals”

    Partnering with a group of medical professionals. Members in ISO’s concierge program benefit from a personalized approach to healthcare.


    Personal risks will be assessed through a wellness physical. Then the patients will be guided towards prevention and reversal of medical conditions.

    Members will benefit from the following services:

    • 24/7 Medical Support
    • Supports from licensed doctors by Medical Board of California, members will be paired with Specialist Doctors in a timely manner to go through their personal medical needs efficiently.
    • One on one live communications with Doctors.
    • Medical document supports for school, employment , or other needs.
    • Personalized Risk Evaluation
    • Healthy eating plans to maintain healthy bodyweight and living style
    • Medicine subscriptions
    • Overseas live medicine supports
    • and more

    Membership Tiers

    • Concierge Lite – $150/mo
      • Medication prescription
      • One free consultation with doctor each month
      • Doctor notes
    • Concierge Professional – $300/mo
      • Medication prescription
      • On demand doctor supports
      • Doctor notes
      • Annual personalized full body health check
      • Emergency medical supports
    • Onetime medicine services: $100