Graduate Schools and Career Planning
When you graduate from a university, you will be well equipped to pursue a variety of options, including graduate school, professional school, or a career. Whatever you decide, ISO has information – and advisers – to assist you in your planning.

Professional Programs and Graduate Schools
ISO member and partner institutions offer exceptional postgraduate professional programs and degree opportunities at graduate level. ISO education network is an outstanding preparation for any of these options, no matter which field of study you elect to pursue in college. Medical schools, law schools, and business schools admit students from every concentration. You don’t need to study a specific field in college to prepare for success afterwards. You do need to find a field of study that excites you, and to pour your energy into it. Academic advising, especially in your first three terms, will help you do this.

Entering a Career
You are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the many resources, programs, and services provided by ISO—starting in your freshman year in college.

In addition to assisting with career exploration, ISO assists students, beginning in their freshman year, with planning for summer jobs or internships, work or study abroad, graduate or professional programs, and grants or fellowships.

In recent years ISO college student members have pursued careers—both in the United States and abroad—in areas as diverse as the arts, business, entertainment, government and politics, health and medicine, law, the media, public service and the nonprofit sector, science and technology, and teaching. Whatever future goals you set for yourself, ISO will do everything we can to help you achieve them.